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of the
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Ken Hoy was admitted as a Freeman of the City of London
on May 18, 2010 at Guildhall, and it was a great pleasure for
Peter and Judy Adams to be present.

Sponsored by Barbara Newman CBE CC and Wendy
Mead CC, who had earlier certified that in their opinion, ‘Ken
was a fit and proper person for admission to the freedom’,
his application was formally approved by the Court of
Common Council.

Upon its approval, Ken was invited to make his
appointment for his Ceremony. Escorted by the Beadle to
the Chamberlain’s Court Room with his sponsors and
ourselves, he made his declaration in the presence of the
Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court, signed the Letter Book,
(Freemans Declaration) and received a book given to all
freeman entitled ‘Rules for the Conduct of Life’. Ken was then
offered the ‘right hand of fellowship’ and greeted as a Citizen
of London.

It was splendid that Ken’s commitment and work over the
years to introduce school children to Epping Forest and to work
for its protection and enjoyment through the Friends of Epping
Forest was acknowledged through such a fitting tribute. 
st ch md