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We asked if anyone could help put a date to some old images.
Thank you to Peter Read who responded for the image of Fairmead, below.

"I would say definitely 1898.

Note the extra detail of the Lodge`s front elevation at this angle, clear of the tree branch,
showing the gate off its hinge, ditto the door in the back ground, and zoom-in to the smashed
window panes,- all suggesting not just neglect but a lack of maintenance,- or maybe occupiers..

I would narrow it down to the winter of that year, as the trees have no leaves, the mowed grass
has not regrown much, and the track short-circuiting the gravelled path is boggy following the
line of the (defective?) - drainage pipe underneath exiting onto the drive, suggesting a few
months of rainfall."

Click the pic for a bigger image.
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