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1920s images of Wanstead Park lake and surroundings.

Linked HERE,
are photographs taken in 1925/6 by John Lear Rogers
[b:1909. d:2003] who was then aged 16 - 17.
He was at the early days of photography and used coloured inks to colour many of his photographs.
Here are some taken and hand coloured by him in 1925-6 of Wanstead Park, part of Epping Forest.
He went on in later life to hand colour many pictures and sell them. He sold over 300 of the New Forest.
His B and W photos were first sepia toned and then tinted.

Note: The self portrait of JLR 'Through the Eye of A Camera' was taken in 1937.

We're grateful for this link to these fascinating images - sent to us by JLR's son, John Graham Rogers.